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Oleksandr Natalenko pfactum at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 18:20:48 EST 2012

Hi all.

I mailed Con Kolivas about TOI+BFS issue and he answered that won't fix
it as BFS is written to get mainline hibernation work but not TOI. He is
surprised that BFS+TOI works *somehow*.

The only quote about technical reason is:

"I suspect that something to do with the way the
compression threads are woken up on resume is broken when run on BFS."

So the last hope is Nigel.

As BFS+TOI users community is large enough, I expect it to help solving
the issue at least by providing debug info. We really need these
3rd-party patches work together.

For now, I discovered that LZO fails as well as LZF does, but with
different error.

In case of LZF it fails at tuxonice_compress.c:257 (outlen != PAGE_SIZE).

In case of LZO it fails at tuxonice_compress.c:254 (ret), and also at
tuxonice_io.c:645 (io_pageset == 1).

So crypto_comp_decompress call at tuxonice_compress.c:245 fails. Why —
no idea. I cannot investigate it deeper because of lack of knowledge
about kernel internals.

Nigel, help us if you can. Hope you HDDs are up and spinning .

  Oleksandr "post-factum" Natalenko, B.S.

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